Who We Are

The Hemophilia Society Panaji Chapter exists to improve the quality of life for all persons with hemophilia.

  • Assuring that all people with inherited bleeding disorders have ready access to the highest possible standard of care.

  • To educate and provide proper information on Hemophilia Care to Persons with Hemophilia, their families and the medical fraternity.

  • Increasing awareness and knowledge of issues affecting care and treatment.

.All this activities are done with selfless effort of our team

What We Do


— We Find Hemophiliacs

We try to find people suffering from this bleeding disorder and guide them how to avail care ,and live a normal painfree life.


— We maintain Advocacy

There is very Less awareness about Rare disease among Doctors and General public, we take care that right medicine reaches the patients at right time.


— We Strengthen the sufferers and Parents

Constant Hospital Visits, Days of immobility ,regular missing of school or work leads to huge burden on families we strengthen them with constant support.


— We Educate

Greater awareness of hemophilia and its symptoms is associated with better adherence to treatment by patients,
To get Good quality medical care from Doctors we Regularly conduct medical CME,s


— We Provide Care

We provide support for all life stages. We want to help our members lead fulfilling lives, make informed choices and to support and inspire others.  Most importantly we have a community who knows exactly what you are going through


-We ensure Treatment for All

There is uneven treatment pattern varying according to regions,
we are working towords Goal of availability equal standard treatment for all