Who We Are

The Hemophilia Society Panaji Chapter exists to improve the quality of life for all persons with hemophilia.
-Assuring that all people with inherited bleeding disorders have ready access to the highest possible standard of care.
-To educate and provide proper information on Hemophilia Care to Persons with Hemophilia, their families and the medical fraternity.
-Increasing awareness and knowledge of issues affecting care and treatment.
.All this activities are done with selfless effort of our team

Our Approach

Hemophilia Scenario In Goa

We are Hemophilia Society Panaji Chapter registered in Goa under the Societies Registration Act. The odds that you have heard about Hemophilia may be low. Just to give you a fact, Hemophilia affects one in 10000 people (i:e 0.0001% population). That is rare. But given the population of our state, we might have 200+ people living with Hemophilia. Most of them unaware about this condition and how to deal with it. People with this disorder fall prey to disability in joints which limits their movement and ability to live a normal life. Unfortunately, there is no cure for Hemophilia. But this genetic bleeding disorder can be managed to an extent through awareness. People having this disorder must be educated on the available treatment and the habits which can reduce the impact of this disorder on their lives. Especially children having this disorder can still live close to normal life if they take the right precautionary measures. Our association is affiliated to Hemophilia Federation of India. We at Hemophilia Society Panaji chapter take the responsibility to create awareness and support for Hemophilia patients in Goa. Hemophilia treatment mainly pertains to medications which reduce suffering. The society also facilitates this treatment by partnering with government hospitals.

— Our Mission

“Find Everyone with bleeding disorders and make sure the best treatment is available to them”


— Our Vision

To Have “Hemophilia Without Disability Children Free Of Pain”


— Our Story

“Organisation Run by Suffers who will make sure that coming generation do not suffer”